Anonymous said: Oh. Lol. Thats no fun. Did you go to work on yourself with your vibrator? Lol

Lol every night, masturbation is health. 

Anonymous said: What happened to that guy with the big dick that was supposed to show up on Monday? Did he ever give you that pussy pounding you wanted?

No. :-(

Anonymous said: Are you going to delete this blog if you have kids? That little episode about that random guy that left the condom in you during that threesome would probably be pretty awkward for your son to read. It would really stink if his friends found it. Or that one where you were complaining about another guy cumming in your mouth.... Ya you should definitely delete this blog honey. My nephew was just telling me about how the kids at school found out this other boys mom was a stripper and teased him.

I don’t know. In the future I will for myself because, I’ve grown from it.
But, it’s a slim to none chance my children will find it. If I do decide to keep it up for that long.

Anonymous said: Good job with that response. You sure showed me. I was a fool to make fun of those knee cap warmers. Oh lord im a changed man. you showed me the light. I think i feel a song coming on... "Swing Looooooowwww sweet Titty... Comin forth to carry me home...."

And you think this alters my mood or opinion about myself…

Anonymous said: Giant boobs and a safe bet to get your dick wet influence the decision to cheat though. Ah hah.... Oooo deep wisdom. Hey there's a pornstar named Maserati XXX, are your tits bigger than hers? Thats the size i imagine when I'm thinking about yours.

Those are fake big.

Anonymous said: Your tits are probably really saggy. Lol.

You must be a man. Take a sit you ignorant fool, it’s time to get a lesson in women.

It’s called gravity. Women with A, B, and possibly C cupped breasts usually have perky, upright, and “sitting” breasts because, due to their lightweight, overtime they stay in the same place. 

Now, if you have D-cups and up they will “sag” because they weigh a lot more. I’m not ashamed about where my breast sit because: 

  1. I live in reality
  2. They’re natural, so their not designed to sit next to my chin.
  3. My breasts are designed to nurse children, not to please you. 

So, you need to stop jerking off to women you will never have the chance to be with and step outside in the real world. 

My or any other womens breasts are not designed to please you. 

Come have a drink with me. 

I feel like black men are allergic to success. 

Ugh, they don’t even want to better their lives. 

Anonymous said: I just saw that horror movie sequel Insidious 2 and i didnt flinch at all, not even once. So clearly i am not a coward. You on the other hand are clearly an asshole because of the way you talk about ruining peoples relationships.

The relationship is already ruined and in crisis if an individual is contemplating cheating or does cheat.

Anonymous said: *pssst* hey. Hey you. You're an asshole.

*Pssst* Hey. Hey you. You’re a coward.

I love how you think I feel bad for sleeping with your man. 

No, no I do not. Get over yourself. 

Anonymous said: Would you post a sexy pic for your followers? Pretty please. You're beautifuuuuuul Lol

Lol maybe if I get the body I want I will.

I think I’m going to get one of the Galaxy Notes. 

I need a new phone. What should I get? 


I can’t wait until Monday!