Anonymous said: Wow really where'd u do it at? Lol

The bathroom in the back of the school. Because it was tucked away from the main foot traffic and teachers. 

Anonymous said: You ever gave head in highschool? Like inside the school


Anonymous said: Yes or no. Has anyone ever came on your face


The ‘yes or no’ game.


You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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There’s two reactions that men have when you tell them you don’t orgasm during sex:

  1. They think that they’re sex game will be the best and they can magically make you orgasm. No, just shut the fuck up. Your dick is no different from anyone else’s I’ve been with. 
  2. You don’t orgasm? Great, more sex for me! That doesn’t mean I can’t feel what you’re doing to me. I just don’t orgasm, I’m not completely number from the waist down. 


Are people still reblogging that post?

It’s so old. 

Why is sex so taboo?

Wine and chicken strips

Anonymous said: You've got a serious pair of boobs. Those things can inspire men do a lot. Its Hard to stay faithful when you got an opportunity to play with tits like those.
Anonymous said: How would you feel if someone slept with your man?

I’ve already accepted that all guys cheat. So, I wouldn’t be to broken-up about if my boyfriend cheated on me.

I get involved with married men and men with girlfriends. 

I don’t care, you should be doing what you need to do at home.

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