Anonymous said: But how did he "Force you" to have an abortion? Like did he threaten you?

You don’t have to be threatened to be forced into something. 

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Anonymous said: Lol cuz it would be fun. And the money is GREAT. And if you land a decent job later on, a lot of motivational speach opportunities open up. Easy money. Porn stars have it made. (Girl ones anyway). They're way over paid and the sex is awesome. You basically get paid to cum. And you squirt right? Thats even more money. You seem to have that raw, i am what i am type of attitude. I think you'd fall in love with it.

Lol I don’t think so.

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11 Pantry Staples That You Can Turn into Dinner
In celebration of food and people coming together, we partnered with our friends at Food 52 to bring you these delicious recipes. All of this (and more!) is on the menu, because no food is off limits on Weight Watchers.
Do you have any of these in your pantry? Click to find out what to do with them! 
Sriracha • Vegetable Stock • Jar of Capers • Canned Tuna • Eggs • Brown Rice • Red Quinoa • Black-Eyed Peas • Sack of Potatoes • Oatmeal • Canned Chiles in Adobo 
Anonymous said: You should do porn.

Lol what? Why? 

Anonymous said: Normally i would feel bad for you with all the mean shit these anons were saying. But you're such a fucking jerk it makes it hard to feel for you.

I’m not asking you to. 

Anonymous said: Someone said it to you and it was wrong. So its right and ok for you to say it about another girl who's as innocent as you were. This is the logic of an asshole.

Did I say what l’m saying is ok? No.
I’m saying it because I want to and that’s how I truly feel.

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Fun facts about your sign here
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Oatmeal - As Requested!
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Magnum Pink Friday by pandaimeeceats
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Grilled S’mores Cake with Easy Chocolate Sauce