I don’t orgasm during sex and all of my sexual partners. But, is it to much of  me to ask them to help me masturbate to get an orgasm? 

I’m just wondering? 

I want to see American Horror Story Freak Show but, I’m don’t handle scary things well. 

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I want to talk to someone but, I have no one to talk to. 

Waking up to a man lying in bed next to you is great. 

It makes you forget all the hurt and pain that’s happened between you two.

Anonymous said: You can roll your eyes in the pic if you want as long as i see those nipples.

Just. No.

Anonymous said: If you dont post a pic of your boobs i will adopt a bunch of puppies from the local shelter and let my 9 year old take care of them. She's iresponsible as fuck, they wont last a month.

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. 

Anonymous said: Hey, I don't mean to be rude so please don't take this the wrong way when I ask this, Why is your username "natural beauty92" if you believe that woman with close to no hair/no hair at all not beautiful? We weren't all born with hair.

My username is is relative to me, not to other people. 

I’ll start my homework at 12N and finish at 3P, print at 3:30P…and take a nap until 6:30P. 

Anonymous said: Well he may not be attractive but he's not hideous. Picture me as nick cannon then. Well, im a little older actually. Picture me as Idris Elba, that works. And then send my good looking British ass a sexy selfie. Pretty please.

This is not the way you approach females. 

Anonymous said: Im a hideous loser you dont want to see my face. I am 100% sexier if you dont know what i look like. Picture me as Adam Levine.

I’m not attracted to white men. 

I just want to eat. 

Anonymous said: I cant really think of a good reason. It sure would make me happy though. =)

Let me see your face first. 




I get involved with married men and men with girlfriends. 

I don’t care, you should be doing what you need to do at home.


*locks boyfriend in cupboard, throws away the key*

But yet you remain unwed and unkept so…I don’t understand what there is to be proud of…